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I love the fact that we can easily create video ads for clients ourselves online. It's a game changer.

Simon Witt
Head of TV Sales - RTE, National Broadcaster

Now we can quickly create and send branded video ads to our clients. Our customers are happier and our revenue is up.

Diarmaid Lennon
Managing Director - Ashville Media Group
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These video ads were all made right here by our users. Creating a quality commercial takes just a few minutes - why not try it yourself?

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Benefits of Video Advertising

Video lets you reach the widest audience, advance your business online and dramatically increase sales! Click the options below to see the best ways to take advantage when you make your own with Viddyad.

Google AdWords

There are over 1 billion visitors to YouTube every month - promote your business to this monumental user base with a video ad. Viddyad enables you to build rich and engaging content to reach these potential customers.

Google AdWords has all the tools you need to run a great ad campaign. Get noticed today.

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Facebook Ads

Create a video ad to use on Facebook

Use your video on the largest social networking platform in the world. With over 1.3 billion active users, find existing and potential customers with a quality ad.

Facebook users are over 40 times more likely to consume branded content in the newsfeed than to visit the actual linked page. Use video to speak directly to your target market.

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Attract the attention of other businesses and professionals. Catch the eye of prospective customers by featuring video on your LinkedIn pages.

Add a quality video to your profile, or get more engagement for your company by posting a promotional clip in your share feed.

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With more than a billion unique users, YouTube is the most popular video sharing website going.

YouTube allows people to discover, watch and share movies, and can aggregate key data on your views and shares. You'll find new subscribers, access a huge audience and get more attention for your company.

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Use Viddyad to make great presentations

Communicate more with less. Presentations drag on when too much text is squeezed into slides. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text.

Use Viddyad to take advantage and bring your pitch to life with video – the world's most powerful medium.

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Using video in an email newsletter

Email marketing campaigns with video have a 45% higher click-through rate than simple text emails. Who can argue with that?

Get more from your mailing list by entertaining and engaging your readership with video.

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Make a commercial advertisement for television

Television advertising campaigns can reach massive audiences. Target specific demographics and run spots during the programs your target market will be viewing.

TV commercials have a strong influence on purchasing decisions made by families, plus they're a superb way to reach customers offline. A HD commercial will look great on a big screen.

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Websites and Blogs

Add a video to your website or blog to improve SEO

Websites optimized with video are 53 times more likely to appear on Google's first page results, and more users take action after watching. They can explain a product or advertise a special offer with style.

Modernize your site and improve SEO - make a video today and watch your sales grow tomorrow with Viddyad!

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Online Ads

Online video commercials

Online video is the fastest growing advertising format, with Frost and Sullivan (2012) stating "online display advertising will grow at a rate of 17% annually". With such rapid growth, now is the time to develop new marketing strategies.

Have a dip in the video advertising pool and see how much your business grows with a new commercial.

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Digital Signage

Digital signage and video

Using digital signage allows you to get your message across effectively, conveniently, distinctively and profitably.

Liven up your storefront with a video display. Attract attention and highlight special offers with compelling visual imagery.

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